Eberlestock X1A3 Pack Mirage Camo Raffle


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Now in its fourth generation, the best selling X1 continues to evolve to an ever-more refined state. With patent-pending Ripcord Tether & Quickdraw Backscabbard, this awesome all-around daypack has legions of hunters who swear by it. The newest model of the X1 family, the X1A3, comes with a number of improvements. Features include:

• Big tubular front pockets that form a stable cradle for your bow.

• Centerline rifle scabbard. Improved, wide tapered profile scabbard holds all types of long guns, from Shotguns to ARs.

• Improved Ripcord Bow Tether provides excellent stability for bow carrying, and allows you to remove your bow while wearing the pack.

• Full-depth spotting scope pockets.

• Gossamer polycarbonate framesheet, providing more support and better suited for packing heavier loads. The frame is interchangeable with our tubular aluminum Intex II frame, so you can customize the fit and function of the pack to meet your personal preferences!

• Vertically adjustable shoulder harness.