Lifetime Arizona Combo License AZGFD


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Lifetime Arizona Combo License AZGFD“


DID YOU KNOW? … If you live in Arizona, have a AZGFD Lifetime License, and then move out of state, you can still enter for tags as AZ resident even though you now reside in another state. This is a HUGE Benefit!

Arizona’s lifetime general hunting and fishing license program is a unique opportunity for resident sportsmen and sportswomen to participate in the long-term funding of Arizona’s Wildlife Conservation programs. The dollars derived from the sale of this special license will be deposited into the established ARIZONA WILDLIFE ENDOWMENT FUND from which only the interest accrued will be used for management programs. Therefore, your lifetime license dollars today will work for wildlife for many years to come.

As a purchaser or recipient of a lifetime license, you will be entitled to hunt and fish in Arizona for your lifetime, even if you move out of state. YOU CAN ALWAYS COME HOME TO ARIZONA to hunt and fish no matter where you live. There will no longer be the need to worry about last-minute license purchases, expiration deadlines, license fee increases or residency requirements. You will retain the privilege for life. Lifetime license holders will still be required to purchase either resident or non-resident big game tags or permits as required by law.