Silencer Central SoLo 22 Suppressor Raffle


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SoLo suppressor from Silencer Central

The SoLo 22 is a .22 LR suppressor with an anodized matte black finish. The SoLo 22 suppressor can be shot wet or dry and can be disassembled for cleaning.
Caliber .22LR Length: 6” Diameter: 1” Weight: 2.7 oz
Construction: Aluminum Thread Mount: 1/2 x 28

 * States where suppressors are not legal to own. CA, IL, NY, HI, MA, NJ, RI, DE, DC.
Getting a suppressor has never been so easy. Since 2005, Silencer Central has taken the confusion out of the buying process. They manage your ATF paperwork, provide a free NFA Gun Trust, and ship directly to your front door once approved. They also offer a fast and precise barrel threading service to attach your suppressor to your firearm, if needed, at an extra cost.

 * Winner is responsible for $200 federal tax stamp.

The winner may use the value of the Banish suppressor to upgrade to a BANISH suppressor of a greater value. BANISH Suppressors are 100% titanium and packed full of innovative design features that BANISH both sound and recoil.

How to claim your suppressor?
The winner will receive the winning certificate that will need to be filled out and emailed to Silencer Central.
Tested #1 in sound reduction, the BANISH 30 reduces the report of a .308 by more than 34 dB. With a caliber range of .17 HMR to .300 WBY, BANISH Suppressors are the most versatile on the market. 888-781-8778